'We might be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us.'      - from the film Magnolia Directed & written by Paul Thomas Anderson. Remember   The moon a memory of the sun a single coal that didn't burn itself out skin silvered brittle as a frozen web heart remains midnight... Continue Reading →


Someone   someone to fall asleep with holding hands walking into each others dreams to wake to the dunes of our bodies still holding hands despite the nightmares   from the web of the rotary dryer someone to collect the washing with to notice the cobwebs the fingerprints from the wind from when it was... Continue Reading →


Someone who had briefly entered my life recently spoke of how visualising walking out into a meadow was a way they used to imagine healing. It has led me to think a lot about fields and how they have been a reoccurring presence in my poems and how writing has been a form of healing... Continue Reading →

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