someone to fall asleep with

holding hands

walking into each others dreams

to wake to the dunes of our bodies

still holding hands

despite the nightmares


from the web of the rotary dryer

someone to collect the washing with

to notice the cobwebs

the fingerprints from the wind

from when it was still for a second

and touched the glass of the world


someone to step towards

whilst folding a sheet

capturing light

to listen to the stretching of shadows

across the grass

to share the shadow of a brolly

the patter of rain


someone to share the sunlight

soaked into the wood of the park bench

to be dusted in stars

to tear fresh bread with


someone to share the crowd of leaves

sifting sunlight

through the morning window

leaf shadows

shimmering in the evening

projected on the wall

we could paint together


someone to gently kiss

above the damp wood of the kissing gate

to place one on the top of your head

between the seam of your hair

watch it sink slow all day

a wish into a well


someone to share the slow dance with

to watch the snow man sink

slow as a candle

to be the ones still awake

watching the last candle

unravel the silk of its smoke


someone to run their fingers

through whats left of my hair

to tuck loose strands

of yours behind your ear

redirect the flow of our lives


someone to walk with next to the river

onto the dark of its currents

launching white paper boats

we folded together


someone to bring cups of tea to

to place a blanket over

to share a silence

in each others dark


someone to get lost in museum with

to create a path

because we would walk it everyday


someone to share the flicker of light

from old movies

faces bright as headlights

sun boiling behind a salon door


someone to watch the flames

held within everything

being released

to wake with

to the soft grey silver ash


as the dawn licks the edges of rooftops

someone to listen with

to the whisper of streets

to share the spilled rainbows

on roads after rain


to listen to the crush of snow

watch it displaced from a branch

by the weight of blackbird


someone to notice the silver

threading through your hair

to study the map of my dome

to lightly touch each others scars

read them like braille


someone to hold

like we were never going to let go

have to be torn

pages from a book

feathers from a wing


to share the breathing of the sea

someone to call to me

‘come out to where I am’

to go despite the fear




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