Writing poems is one way I can apologise for the things I did or didn't do, for the person I  wasn't able to become. They can be used not only as apologies to those you may have wronged but to ourselves as well. I wanted that for us   to find that cathedral where my... Continue Reading →


1.   Breadcrumbs from the sun   2.   A parachutist on a planet with barely any gravity I watch the flame free-fall slow into you collasping into the billows of its own dress a shipwreck settling into the silt of your heart there it flickers gifting shadows of starlings to walls that have never... Continue Reading →

We read to know we are not alone

'We read to know we are not alone'  from the film Shadowlands, Dir Richard Attenborough.   My favourite quote about reading from one of my favourite films about the writer C. S. Lewis who most of us know through the Narnia books, the most famous of which 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe'. I... Continue Reading →


My job as a software developer brings me into contact with (more than I care for sometimes) the buffering animations representing the loading of data into memory. These animations although probably indicating some problem or inelegance with the code, also allows tiny windows for day dreaming. Memory and dreams get a chance to bloom in... Continue Reading →


Letters, I'm fascinated by them, I guess they are becoming lost, drowned by texts, emails and emojis. It must be wonderful to receive a handwritten letter, to think someone took the time to hold a pen, to choose some words and then print them on the sheet that they smoothed flat for you. The paper... Continue Reading →

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