Factory Reset

  I've been thinking recently how we find it so much easier now to just start again. If something breaks or isn't quite working right, it now appears to me accepted to just replace as opposed to mend; I am also guilty of this. Is this thinking creeping into all aspects of our lives? Maybe... Continue Reading →

First Post, First Poems

Shoals Of Starlings


So for my first post I will start from the beginning.

Shoals of Starlings is the title from one of my very first poems, which I wrote probably around 15 years ago? So it seems an appropriate place to start.

After a hiatus of 5 years it has now been a year of tentatively returning to writing poetry again. One thing I found myself doing is to try and write past poems from memory. I thought it would be interesting to place the original and the remembered side by side; to see how time have distorted their imagery and meaning.

Although in the case of these poems it wasn’t so much a re-imagining of the old poem, it was a new poem calling to the old one; a declaration that I had started writing again.

Okay, so I know officially it is known as a starling murmuration, which is a…

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This post is in response to September being suicide prevention awareness month and as a companion poem to my last post as its opposite. I wanted some words that tackles the crushing, crippling darkness felt when the liar that is depression has a hold of you.   Sometimes nothing is enough   sunlight bruises  ... Continue Reading →

The Softness of September

I went for a stroll on a bright fresh September morning and sometimes there is something so perfect about certain days, certain mornings. The way the light falls and its quality makes everything just enough, nothing else required.     The Softness of September   settling like warm snow   the long sigh after the... Continue Reading →

Twice as bright

I didn't burn bright enough   I was the half lights of dusk and dawn the frosted light through curtains you were the midday sun the window open wide   I was the light slipped under the door like a letter you were the skylight drenching us with sun   you wanted the lit magnesium... Continue Reading →

Love is like an allotment

Well tended it will feed you and your family   neglected tentacles of brambles will constrict it blackberries like drops of blood squeezed to the surface congeal in the sun   in both hidden in the shadows a single cornflower a pilot light flickering gently brilliantly blue    

Late September Trees

slowly revealing their threads stitched into the cooling sky begin giving back the flames flinging them across the fields blown kisses trying to keep the sun from dying their frozen black lightning will crack the roof of winter flake it into brightness   hope I will sleep like these trees the marrow of our bones... Continue Reading →

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