The beloved Pixar animated film ‘Up’ despite being a “children’s film” has the most moving and beautiful silent sequence about a shared life. The way the couple connect upon first meeting is never lost through their life together. Tragedies big and small prevent them from following their dreams of adventure. It turns out though that just being together, sharing the mundane, over coming obstacles was the adventure that trumps all others.

Apologies my poem isn’t quite as uplifting. I use the film with its amazing imagery as a way to express the heartache of a relationship that loses its love.




Your cacophony of colours

lifted me to the sky

into the splendour that scared me


I was content to contemplate it

from within the safety of

our ascending home


you needed to touch the expanse

I was left alone

descending through storms


landing appeared gentle

your chair shifted away from mine

a picture or two askew


sometimes I see the phantom

of those balloons as if a firework

gone off in the heart of a cloud


crowding the dark of the chimney

my heartstrings go taught again

just for a second



It’s a film that reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Being transported to another land which has more colours and characters than the sepia of the one we desire to leave. But its the adventure in this new fantastical land that makes us realise nothing is brighter than the home (reality) we left behind.

I relate to the old man in the film, quiet, unassuming and slightly scared of his own dreams. His wife represents his spirit of adventure. He acknowledges that his wife didn’t get to realise her dreams of adventure and maybe he feels partly to blame for that? But this film has a happy ending and it turns out the life just spent together, being kind to each other was enough; was all the adventure they needed. Maybe we don’t really decide what our true dream is, maybe it chooses us?

Isn’t that the essence of everything, we just want to be held from time to time, especially when things fall apart. We need someone to help us try and repack our lives unravelled from when we step on one of life’s many mines.

I wonder how well this poem would work on its own? As if the reader had not seen the film and separated from my ramblings?

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