Factory Reset


I’ve been thinking recently how we find it so much easier now to just start again. If something breaks or isn’t quite working right, it now appears to me accepted to just replace as opposed to mend; I am also guilty of this.

Is this thinking creeping into all aspects of our lives? Maybe we give up too easily when things are broken? Have we forgotten how to heal and mend? Or have we never known how to? Do we just look to reset our lives when things go wrong?


Factory Reset


It’s not the plunge of a plunger

and the tower block crumbles

into itself and billows of dust


it’s a plunge and then stay under

hold your breath for ten seconds

before letting the button rise again


bubbles from the final breath

pop at the surface

ripples polish its fresh darkness


this new ease of starting again

no dissection or unscrambling

of the heart of a grandfather clock


no explosion just implosion

stars reset to their original position

a forest fire without the fire


a particular potent strain of Alzheimer

all memory erased in those held seconds

all your lost loves lost


a picture or plate doesn’t fall

no grumble from the earth

no settling dust


just the settling silence

of a new blank canvas

primed in black






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