There is a gentleness in you

There is a gentleness in you   the settling of a piano the last ripple fades on the shore a violin from within the walls answering your stillness memory scratches fire out of the dark stitched with smoke kisses soft as moths but bruises big and dark as plums   there is a brokenness in... Continue Reading →

Arson love

Arson Love   shivering shimmering dowsed each other with each other   a lighter at the core of our wrapped hands crushed between our hearts below our breaths   thumbs desperate take it in turns to scratch a spark from the damp flint        


Silver   handfuls ripped free sequins like shrapnel litter the room palms full of splinters they hurt to close stepping on your shadow I cut my feet open   the whisper of your dance soaked into the floorboards the storm of your skirt distorting my dark crumpling my sea your shipwreck shifts a little in... Continue Reading →

Holding you

Holding you   I was full of light sunlight settling on snow my skeleton became roman candles my bone marrow compacted gunpowder my heart span a catherine wheel spitting sparks the dark of my eyes glistened like wet slate the threads of my hair lightning born from the fractures of the old seabed of a... Continue Reading →

October Leaves

October Leaves   crippled butterflies scuttling down the street sometimes they spiral remembering the sky before settling back gifting gold to the gutters      

Dusting your dark

Dusting your dark   Born in the dark living in the dark I will sit with you for a while I'll bring you a bouquet of fire flames as petals one at a time cradle down around you pollen light dusting your dark till I come and sit with you again    

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