Holding you

Holding you


I was full of light

sunlight settling on snow

my skeleton became

roman candles

my bone marrow

compacted gunpowder

my heart span

a catherine wheel

spitting sparks

the dark of my eyes

glistened like wet slate

the threads of my hair

lightning born

from the fractures

of the old seabed

of a desert floor

I became a lit scarecrow

bad wiring

crackling from my sleeves

as the grass sung

around me


you let go

night soaked into sea

I became a box of spent matches

a pogo stick

tension lost from its spring

flowers shrivelled

colour sucked back

through their roots

into the earth

roses drying into darkness

swallowing their own scent

holding the faint flame

beneath the belly of their hearts

only strong enough to singe

not burn or catch

the final fumes

birdsong rained its sparks

over the fire bucket

cigarette butts like fingertips

from a buried hand

in the dirty sand






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