The Scientist

The scientist Did you see usback at the start?born from the shattered darkof waves at night rising from the car crashour fragments leapingreforming in the airstarlings shrouding the sky the windscreen of our eyesfrosted with fracturesfeathering the brightnessof the returned to world our thinned heartscrisscrossed with cracksblood loss through the chinksslow us this time holding... Continue Reading →

Rolled Over

Rolled over A song whispered on the draft     slipped under the door dawn fractures the curtains my heartbeats     surfacing to your handflooding the cracks in your palm the wind like a lover rolls over     on the shore        taking the tide with them        ... Continue Reading →

The last Christmas tree

The last Christmas tree Wrapped in shadows leaning in the cornerno frozen fireworktangles my branches a washed up angelsnagged on my spire drips like an old raincoatsoot sprayed insidethe blown bulb of it's halobut fire still threadsmy skeleton in the morningjust for a momentas the Christmas sun touches my tip like a sparkler I'm lit... Continue Reading →

At dawn or dusk

At dawn or dusk when the world is hushedand the silence is sparkingthe low light reveals your fingerprintsglowing gently goldon the glass of the windowtheir fine lace touching the reflection of my face


My attempt at a festive poem from last year. Snowman I was conceived in flightmy first thought crystallized in skyI collected themtill I had a snowball for a brainmy body rolled into existencehead and torso collided like cometsfinished I'm all head and stomachno lungs or heart or genitaliayet they call me a manmore evolved insectraised... Continue Reading →


Diya A tip toe flameon the tipof a rowboats bow its single petalripped to handfulsby the waves a pilot lightthat keeps the sun purring sipping clearnesswhispering as it waits for dawnto split the sky

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