Thousand fields

Thousand fields If I was to take a photographof a photographof a field of tall grassfor a thousand dayswhy do I imagine it would darken?a shadow shifteddeepening a little in each onetill it is the slick knottingof a river at nightstarlight tugged to threadsrevealing the contours of its twisting tendons why doesn't it lighten?the grain... Continue Reading →

In the morning

In the morning at day's endwhen the sun whispersslags of song turning cleardarken as they coolon the floor of the forgea shy snail seeds its eyes to taste the airscribbles a rough heartin the morningyou stand within itwatching the suntear itself apartas the kettle gurglesclears its throat

For you

For you a bag brimming with blossoma jam jar frothed with daises drying in the windthe brightness snapped from sheets a handful of glasscrumbled by the seawalls flaking into cabbage whitessparks shaken from a starlinga snowfall of sunlightgifts for your dark

Never again

Never again sunlightreflected from your face to mine waking to your warmtha freshly fallen meteorite the silencecircled by your storm the crackle of old leavesround our feet the fire splitting its bonesspitting sparks into our night the seawashing our shadows together the riverthreading through our day never again darknessbetween our hands the size of a... Continue Reading →

Shoals of Starlings

Shoals of Starlings 1.streaming through my wristsmy cupped hands full of flighthold you close in my glittered armsso you can feel the shimmeras they change direction within me2.slip sliding above the cityfeathers like flintsstriking the streetlampskeeping the sun ticking over3.their black broken glasssettling before the forgethat will fuse themturn them clear they sleepstars scratch... Continue Reading →


1.Your hand resting above my heartflipped it would fall and fill your palmI like to think the heart weighs roughly the same as the hand that holds itthe same as a clump of earthheld together by the rootsof a pulled up sunflower2.I've heard it saidyou lose 21 gramsafter your last breaththat's too preciseI imagine that... Continue Reading →

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