Whispered song

Whispered song Place my ear to youand hear the fieldsthat hush withinall the silent sunlightsettling over your grassthe darkness of waterturning clearas it un-knots itselfthreads of birdsong gently bowing between the blades glinting like spider webslicked by the sun the cries of childrensnagged in the branchestorn plastic bagsI hear the crackle of firefrom within the... Continue Reading →


Repetition You never liked walkingthe same path twiceto re-watch filmsdid you see it allin the single glancethe one viewing?I need to go backto walkthe same paths againto rememberto noticehow repetitionchanges everythinghow upon returneverythingshifted slightlyreconfiguredpaths are madeby repetitionby lovefor others to followto see what you've seento see what you've missed


Firecrests Small as sparksstirred from the ashborn with a blazein the rafters of their brainsthey flit between the silver birchestheir grains of firetouches the scarsof the trees uncurling skinthe tail-end of a fireworkquietly setting the world alight

My dark (Spring)

My dark a place for your flameto stretch intoa tinderboxfor your soulall your broken glassturned to petals in my seayour barbed wirebuds in me

Light up

Light up You used to light upwhen you saw meexploded from behind doorsthe filament snappeda spray of sootspat over the insideof your mindthe light bulb burstmy feet in tatterswalking on the glassin the dark

Twice as bright

Twice as bright I was the lightfrosted through curtainsyou were the midday sunthe window open wideI was light like a letterslipped under the dooryou were the skylightdrenching us with fireyou wanted the lit magnesiumstaining the retinasI wanted the breathblushing the embersI didn't want to burn twice as bright for half the lifeI wanted to smoulderlong into... Continue Reading →

Heart as a house

Heart as a house Charred with crumbling wallsall the doors do not closeall the chairs are brokenpillows stuffed with ashthe bed a chunk of icecut from a frozen seayou can feel the breezepressing itself against the crackedsmoke haunted windowssparrows trapped within the wallscurtains in tatterstheir frayed edges like fingersfeeling the darknessthe rust of sunlightspeckles the... Continue Reading →

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