a nuthatch creeps up my spine
starlings shatter in my mind
sparrows dust my shoulders
swallows bow my tendons
a heron unlatches its slate blue umbrella
a peregrine slips into the chest of its prey
a cormorant – a tattered gargoyle
keeps watch over the dark of the tides
a kingfisher re-surfaces
stained by the rust from the riverbed
echoing each other
two tawny owls armoured in autumn
phantom hummingbirds sips from my weeping cuts
the smoke of pink
in the storm of a pigeons ruff
chipped from the sky
the electric blue caught in the wings of a Jay
a shower of firecrests
sparks through the branches of my lungs
the flutter of feathers
fire in the throat
a skylark spills its praise over an abandoned field
a wren buzzes in each chamber of my heart
a swan unfurls from the dark

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