Twice as bright

Twice as bright

I was the light
frosted through curtains
you were the midday sun
the window open wide

I was light like a letter
slipped under the door
you were the skylight
drenching us with fire

you wanted the lit magnesium
staining the retinas
I wanted the breath
blushing the embers

I didn’t want to burn 
twice as bright for half the life
I wanted to smoulder
long into the night

I offered instead
the whisper of a candle
threads of smoke
to keep us sewn together

I wanted the glow of primroses
beneath the shadows of trees
the ghost blue of gas flames
warming our food

you wanted the flames
to learn a new dance
leap higher everyday
go beyond sashaying

to consume everything
shadows like pages
curling from the edges
disappearing as they’re read

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