Showers Brief as sparks from a fire turning over in its sleepthe flecks of birdsreflected in the slick darkof the slate on the roofsthe unsung songsdrips from the eavesas the sky soaksinto the street

White Poplar Trees

White Poplar Trees Wind peels back their leavesreveals the dusty silver of their belliesthey dare not shinetheir softness will settle one day in the grassplectrums of frosted sunlightembedded in the silt of the seabedsplinters of light pushed deeper into our palmstheir tips sipping the dark currents of our blood

The paths are quiet again

The paths are quiet again The silence in me shuffles with the leaves feel you hand in mine again the tired touch of sunlight settling in the shallows of my palms the scent of smoke weaved into the breeze birdsong splitting the air expired Goldfinches flutter round my hands the ghost of fireworks I walk... Continue Reading →


Jumper A size too small for my darkthe half-life of your warmthsmoking from its weaveits empty sleevesdripping off the back of the chairdarkening the floor the shadow of a brollywe once shared


Aftermath the silence sungafter the songyour hear itcrawling up the wallsits smoke sloshing on the ceilingsearching for the seamsof the room

I stay still for you

I stay still for you I stay still for youtry to go cleara darknessfor your heartbeatsto drop into like stonesso you can see the shapesthey bloom intothe slowness of snow

Fire from feathers

Fire from feathers I'm walkingthe quiet paths againand I wishI could bundle them up for youlay them across your armsthe weight of a sleeping childalong with the flamesfolded by the seainto driftwoodthe fire from feathers

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