Sacred hollows

Sacred hollows 1.There is a dark riverknotting itself at the heartof our heartsthat cannot be undoneonly loosened like a scarfallowing sunlightto sip the songs and shadowspooled in the thumbprintsat the base of our throatsletting the breezebreath upon our necksstroke the lobes of our earstake our pulse2.the hollows in faraway fieldswhere ghosts unraveltheir evaporationmistaken for smokea... Continue Reading →

The gentlest part of me

The gentlest part of me Born from all I have lostthe crumbled starsover midnight fieldswind soaked grassa breath threaded through glass torn shadowsfraying from the hedgerows drying sheetspregnant with sunlightthe stillness before dawnbefore the sun shakes out its manesound of the sea in the trees the silence of blackbirds dreamsa handful of blossomsnowing on the... Continue Reading →

The ghosts of birds

The ghosts of birds I wanted the ghost of birdshaunting our wallsI wanted hummingbirdssipping the goldoozing from our charred rafterstheir corpses spill from the fireplaceoverflow from the chimneyat night I hear their muffled rollinto the guttersapples dissolving in the grasscurtains relax back against the glassflowered with sunbruised with birds

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