A shiver in the light

A shiver in the light

A shiver in the light
when something like silence comes

the thread-work through the vertebrae
the grass lining the skull

the sea sharpened
in the sway of glass

bows into the blue of the flame
into the shiver of light

the thread-work of the sea
touching the furled edge of the fields

when something like snow comes
touches the mane of flames

a rag of light
dragged through the dark of the grass

sunlight turned to rust
collected in the creases

the smoke will never leave your blood
silence ribbons from the ceiling

birds thump against
the inside of the walls

bodies surging on
the tug of home

slowing amongst the fields
big fat drops of birdsong
darkens our hands

the sway of joy
the standstill

the rush of it
the flicker of magnetic instinct

a purer urgency
in the minds flesh

beyond all leaving
the plainsong

old voices
stars resonate

the trail of a dress
dragged through the dark

stroking the grass
a dimming

a whispering

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