Hopelessness begins with hope

Hopelessness begins with hope

an ember glows inside remember

the loveless are full of love

a psalm lives between
the closing of the palms

lightning is a fracture in the light

the sea is full of silence
silence is full of screams

the dark of the darkness
is a song

the song is brimming with sing

the sun is choking on candles

the choir a single throat
a chimney to the stars

a flame dances
in the belly of a blackbird

the blackbird
singed with song

smoke in the silence
lining the walls of our hearts

curled inside the church bells
birds fall awake
into our dreams

the sea can make us see
crumbling the dark into light
frost the glass from the inside

the psalms
peels apart our palms

light swallows the lightning

love has bled out
all it loveliness

we remember the ember
glowing like a lost day

when hopelessness
was lost
in hope

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