The salt path

The salt path Sun bruised skinsky driven into us our bodies a home for each otherlove black as blackberriesbreathed upon by the sea we'll find the horizon together

The eternal darkness of a sun filled sky

The eternal darkness of a sun filled sky Scars in the icehealed with icemaking up constellationsas the cold flares through ussurfacing through our skinfire from dead starsfalls upon usthe ghost of featherseverything goneexcept the taste of snowsand in our bedsyour kiss still dissolvingon my tongue


Swallows Their darkness branded with blueabsorbed the skyfever in the brainscribbling infinitiesabove the fields

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget Sometimes I forget about the last of the lighttouching the tips of the fieldsof how the sea breathes all nightof the soft soot of shadowsheld in the hedgerowsthe smallness of a Wrenthe greater smallness of its heartthen I imagine its beatinga buzz that blurs its edgessometimes I forgetdew dropsspider sockshung out in... Continue Reading →

House Martins

House Martins tremblingcrushed togetherbegin in the darkthe whisper of blueice skating in the windin the same momentcutting and closingthe woundtheir jet trailswhite cotton threadsdissolvable stitchesfading back into skytheir graceful surgeryleaves no tracescars like smokememory of hometugged into air

Beside the sea

Beside the sea I make a firebeside the seathe flames and waveswhisper stories to each otherone of meone of youone of usof how we spread lantern lightover the seabed

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