Sundown Curtains lifted by sunlightthe ghost of goldfeeling the dark of the roomsearching for your facefalls back against the cold of the glassfaraway a stormswallows its lightning


Shadows 1.When I think of youthe sea touches my shadowsinters sand to glass within its the heart of my heartin the dark of my darkthe long late sunlightmaking our shadows touchcovering us in its cloth


Kingfisher Shock of bluefragment of dragonbreast scaledin beaten firewater cannot coolfull of bad wiringheart always shortingdives to slowthe neon lightningthat ribbons from him

Barn owls

Barn owls Wing tips dipped in dawnghosts with bodieshaunting and hauntedpowdered in firestained by sundissolving from the insidegold smoke curls againstthe roof of their skullsbefore rocking downslow in the still airslow like snowsnow like shrapnelembedding itselfin our dark fieldsthe paleness of scarssealing them inthe whitenessof their silent bladesrusting deep inside us

Playing invisible pianos in the dark

Playing invisible pianos in the dark Is that all we're doingplaying invisible pianos in the darklistening to the crumble of chordsleaves at the end of autumnsettling onto the desire pathssmoke tracing up through our fingerswhisper of sun and fieldsrising for breath into our palmshearing the starlings dreamfrom inside the pianos darkhearing the next chord in... Continue Reading →

How we drank fire

How we drank fire How we drank fireto jump start our heartshow the memory of fields blows us openturns us into the tatters of doorshow the inside of our hearts are lined with fieldstasting the sunlight in the dark of our bloodhow sparrows turn to ash as we dream themhow the sun buries itself into... Continue Reading →

Return of sound

Return of sound threadbare light of a prayer bright as newborn fingers slow sun a buried balloon rising from the earth quiet empty rooms crack like emberssheet of a song slid under the doorthe dream of a storm quietly unlaces the skybird shadows breathe across the grain of the wood sea purrs sucking darkness backcurtains... Continue Reading →

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