Things I wished I had touched

Things I wished I had touched

Throat of a snake

paint from a cave painting

the worn heels of your shoes

the water you left behind
coming out of the rain

heart of a wren
a snowman

piston grease
dark with dirt

silt from a river you swam in

the lining of your womb


all the leaves in a park
all at once

tongue of the wind

brain of a bee

mind of a robin and a raven
one in each hand

your dark
draped over my arms
held so long it bruised

bruise a stain
that couldn’t be washed away

things I wish I held for longer
touched more often

clumps of earth

cupfuls of sea

crumpled muscles of silk

hands submerged in ash
fine as flour

the bumblebee of shadows
birthed between our hands

dust from a daisy
rust from sunflowers

a thimble
brimming with sunlight

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