Bluest Blue almost greystorm choking on skyblue dyinggrey blazing with blueblue bruisedbecoming indigostalled before midnightblue of a whalecrushed by skyblue bleedingdripping into greyglass licked by gunmetalsea crumbling cobaltshadows on snowmemory of skybranded into the whiteslate blue strands of smokeunravelingfading before touchingthe blue of their birththe neon of kingfisherdiving into the bluein the black of a... Continue Reading →

The quiet of the seabed

The quiet of the seabed Listening to the seain your skinmy body rocks upon ita rowboatmy deck glitters with crumbled glassspilled from your eyesyou never smash mesnap me like bonesduring storms you lift me to the skyI almost touch ityour distant smilethe slow pulse of a lighthouseeach brush stroke of moonlightreveals the seas crumpled fabricand... Continue Reading →


Waking Waking is the worstpart of every daythe moment you realisealong with everything elsesleep has abandoned youstare at the ripple-less desert of the perfect ceilingwishing for oblivionto turn backto take your hand againwarmth leaves your body sunlight absorbed by stoneevaporates at nightonly your night is the daythat's been waitingto carry on pushing its bladesthrough youyou... Continue Reading →


Newborn Like a lighterhold you up to the darkhope you make more of itthan I ever didthat your flame strokes ithope it feeds youmakes you flarenot years ofstutter and spitbefore the pinchhope it sheltersyour single bright wingtill it splits in twohope it is a bowl of handsa place out of the wind hope you'll be... Continue Reading →

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