These are the things
I wanted to give you today

a shoe box brimful with blossom
a matchbox lined with smoke

a thimble of dust
pocketfuls of rust

a breath of sunlight caught in the curtains
brightness snapped from sheets drying in the wind

the crumbled angel of a shattered bus shelter
glass turned to petals by the sea

a swirl of leaves
from the streets we walked

the silence
from my morning streets

the stillness of winter cars
dusted in starlight

the night of a piano lid
feathered with ice

snowflakes bloomed from single notes
dropped into dark bowls of water

a snowfall of sunlight
paint flaking into cabbage whites

sunsets dissolving in puddles
scent of morning light

old gold lining the gutters
choking the drains

a spill of chords under your bed
rain from inside a piano

all the stars from a starling
handfuls of sparrows

my birdsong stained skin
my shadow turned to a blanket

ghost of rivers ribboning over faded fields
my fractured palms

all my quiet days
a jam jar frothing with daises

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