no.11 Final poem of the planet sequence Sun Why not daughter?you welderchose fusing over smashingeither waysomething is always lostor becomes something elsethe light you makehundreds of thousands of yearsbefore it stumbles drunk out of your heartthen roughly another eight and a half minutesbefore you sing it down streetssmash glass in the gutterstain rooftops with laughterfrom... Continue Reading →


no. 10 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Eris Never visitednever photographedbarely touched by the sunhow many othersforgotten by the fire?we keep lookingscan the skiesto be seen just once is enough to become alive


no. 9 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Pluto Pretending to be a planetyour cold coreshudders whilst you sleepremembering a riverghost of sunlightlining its beda lantern sailing upon the almost stillnessof its slow weavetime and darknessto ponder the long bendof your faint parabola


no. 8 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Neptune Your stillnessfull of stormsa faceless seabright blue skybut if you look close enoughyou can see the scarsof your cloudsthin as threadsself harmingcutting yourselfbeneath the surfaceon the insideof your skin


no. 7 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Uranus Is there a right way up in space?we'd all look off balanceviewed from the right angledifference is you're not fallingcentred ice skaterscratch spinning on your handssmearing your faceout of existencehalo thinnedto a spider threadrevealed by the breathfrom the shrinking sun


no. 6 - a poem for each planet of the solar system Saturn Ice and dustruns it fingers round the rimof your magnetic fieldresonates the absencea vinyl beginning to glowas your songs are scratchedout of the dark


no. 5 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Jupiter Restlesssoaked by downpours of diamondshaunted by headachesbruised by dreamsstill you tryto turn storms into sunlightyou could have been somebodyyou could have been a second sun


no. 4 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Mars Soil soaked in the bloodthat could have beenthe memory of riversscars your skinfire rusts in your hands


no. 3 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Earth 1.Plumes of blue blown into your breathing glasssown with sunlightthat took root in your rockfracturing the darkgracing it with greenhaunted by a single ghost memory turns the sea silver at night2.Everything just rightsizedistancetimeperfectly placedwhere the sun can turn itselfinside outscattering scalesand featherswhere... Continue Reading →

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