My First Review

Sholas of Starlings

My debut collection of poetry and artwork ‘Shoals of Starlings’ has had its first review in Litter Magazine!

A very big and warm thank you to Litter Magazine for the feature and to Steve Spence for such a generous review.

‘Andrew Martin’s debut collection is impressive in every way. These bird-themed poems have a distinct personality: they are minimalist, lyrical and precise, veering between representation and abstraction, filled with beautiful phrases and succinct encapsulations. Yet they are fractured, shattered beings, hinting at symmetry but displaying wounds and vulnerability in a manner which reminds me of John Clare. They are a wonderful blend of the modern and the traditional and as a commentary on the natural world have a descriptive quality which is also questioning, allusive, puzzling and full of unexpected turns. They are also very personal.’

If you would like to read the full review, which also includes three poems from the collection, here is the link – ‘Shoals of Starlings – Review by Steve Spence’

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