These are the things
I wanted to give you today

a shoebox
brim-full with blossom

a breath of sunlight
caught from the curtains

the belly of brightness
snapped from a sheet

a piano lid at night
dusted in starlight

the ferns of ice
feeding on the stillness
of winter cars

the crumbled angel
of a shattered bus shelter

a swirl of leaves
and the silence
from the streets we walked

the old gold
lining the gutters

all the stars
from a starling
handfuls of sparrows

the dropped piano
played by snow

a spill of quiet chords
under your bed

the shadows
from the pleats in my palms

petals of glass
frosted by the sea

a jam jar
frothing with daises

from a sunflower’s mane
rust from its heart

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