Nuthatch creeps up my spine
starlings shatter in my mind
sparrows dust my shoulders
swallows bow my tendons
cormorant reveals its rags to the sun
peregrine slips into my chest
kingfisher re-surfaces
stained with rust from the riverbed
tawny owls tangle their calls together
hummingbirds sip at my weeping cuts
smoke of pink in the bruise of a pigeon’s ruff
splinters of sky in the wings of a jay
a shower of firecrests sparks through my lungs
crowned with blue tits
crow hoods our faces
flame of a canary passed on our tongues
skylark spills its praise
magpie shreds its silver
barn owl skims the shadow stained fields
a wren buzzes in each chamber of my heart
swan unfurls from the dark


Didn’t realise it but I have managed to publish my poems only edition of Shoals of Starlings on world book day!
I wanted to be able to provide a more affordable option of the collection. I also liked the idea of offering a space where the poems can take centre stage, a place out of the shadow of the artwork.
It was also an excuse to create new images and work on designs for the cover. At some point I also hope to add a kindle edition.

Available on Amazon

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