‘We read to know we are not alone’ I know that is definitely true for me.  

In the same vein I want to write to show even one person that they are not alone. 

When I write I feel courageous.  It’s the only real time that I say ‘here I am’ in the quietest yet loudest way I know. I’m not an overly successful verbal communicator, I’m nervous in groups, everything that brings attention to myself brings varying degrees of stress and panic. I have always been an observer in the background, trying to process all that is going on. When I write I am saying I noticed I wasn’t just a silent observer. It is my chance to articulate the things I am too scared to say out loud. Poetry is my singing and dancing, it is where I let go. It slows the melody down and lets your voice just be, no flurries or tricks, just the words you chose. For once it makes us listen to the whisper; slowly sing the silence that binds us. 

I like how my mind works when I am writing well, images flow into each other. Like a shape shifter they metamorphose into each other. The imagery does all the heavy lifting, like fractal simulations, images cascade or emerge out of and from each other; same structure yet reconfigured. I have always been exploring the interconnectedness of everything. How light and dark, pleasure and pain (happiness makes you cry), hot and cold are all part of the same spectrum. 

Writing about the dark helps me to remember the light. 

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