Twin flames

Twin flames 1.torn from the same clothfeathers from the same fireunfurled our sails togetherstorm took us to different shoressomeday we’ll ignite the seasthat separate us2.we walk as slowas the sunsetinto the sunsettwo candlescollapsing their sailsour woodworm heartsriddledwith each other’s smoke

The path

The path I walk without youcoveredin broken glassat its endmy scarred solesgreet the grassas I walkthe last stepsto where you waitat the centreof the fieldroaringwith dandelions


Spring primrosessplashes of paintfrom the prised openrusted tins of lightswung by the head-rushed Sun daffodilscrowds of cyclopesraising the chrome yellowof their periscopessurveying to seethe extent of the world’sexpectancy bluebellsraising their lightersfrom the rubbleof the forest floorhold their blue flamesabove their own gravesbow the smouldering stubsof their headsto ignite the soil songbirdsfrothing with songtides tugging a …