Slate Time and pressureslow as griefcrushing absence into presencesinters shale into slateslivers of stonethat slice our handsas we add their scalesto our roof sheltering the fireignited from the flint of our skins

Stalagmite and stalactite

Stalagmite and stalactite For hundreds of thousands of yearsI've been rising towards youmy body made from your slow rainone day we'll sparkin the shared darkas the tips of our tongues touchat the centre of the cavelike Michelangelos famous fingerssuspended in the skyof the Sistine chapel


Limestone Undisturbed unobserved in the darkbecomes clouded with the stillnessof its swallowed stormsmetamorphose absence into memory the plume of a flamepreserved within a marbleMichelangelo sensed your firein the dowsing rod of his chisel


Movements Your movementsgave our house a heartbeatyour dance stepssmeared across the flooryour absencecrackles like staticyour silenceblooms within the wallsthe breathing of moths


Gifts A shoe boxbrimful with blossommatchboxfull of smokethimbleful of dust pocketfuls of rustsuitcase full of threadbare leaves breath of sunlightcaught in the curtainscarrier bag of broken glassthe crumbled angel of a bus shelterswirl of leavesscratching the streetshadows from my fractured palmshandfuls of sparrows spill of chordsunder your bedall the starsfrom a starlingraininside a piano

When we love

When we love we spit light like paintover our splayed handsplaced on the cave wallsinside another's heartbrand them with the darkof our touch

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