Hopelessness begins with hope

Hopelessness begins with hopean ember glows inside rememberthe loveless are full of lovea psalm lives betweenthe closing of the palmslightning is a fracture in the lightthe sea is full of silencesilence is full of screamsthe dark of the darknessis a songthe song is brimming with singthe sun is choking on candlesthe choir a single throata... Continue Reading →


Fatherhood 1.Navigating the canalyou wanted to skim the edgesto run your fingers along the bladeyou didn't believe you could bleedyou scrape the length of your sidethe opposite of a ploughed fieldbrightness uncurled from beneathI pulled us backto where you didn't want to bethe safety of the centreI see your scars in the stillnessalready starting to... Continue Reading →

A shiver in the light

A shiver in the light A shiver in the light when something like silence comesthe thread-work through the vertebrae the grass lining the skull the sea sharpenedin the sway of glass bows into the blue of the flame into the shiver of light the thread-work of the seatouching the furled edge of the fieldswhen something... Continue Reading →

I hope you’re here

I hope you're here that you're the wind and sunlightin the same momentsettling slowon all the leaveson all the treesall at onceshuffling the seaas the dayloses its light

Fugitive Pieces

Fugitive Pieces The hoursthe other side of younext to a low and quiet seabeyond calling distancethe slow airthe thirstby nightfallthe rain in the treesall one breath

I’m not writing to you

I'm not writing to you I'm writing to the riverthat opened your haircarried you to the seaI'm writing to the seathat polishes your broken glassturning it to petalsI'm writing to the rainthat darkened your slatemade it slick and sharpI'm writing to the high grassthat traced your palmsthat cut you without drawing bloodI'm writing to the... Continue Reading →

Sacred hollows

Sacred hollows 1.There is a dark riverknotting itself at the heartof our heartsthat cannot be undoneonly loosened like a scarfallowing sunlightto sip the songs and shadowspooled in the thumbprintsat the base of our throatsletting the breezebreath upon our necksstroke the lobes of our earstake our pulse2.the hollows in faraway fieldswhere ghosts unraveltheir evaporationmistaken for smokea... Continue Reading →

The ghosts of birds

The ghosts of birds I wanted the ghost of birdshaunting our wallsI wanted hummingbirdssipping the goldoozing from our charred rafterstheir corpses spill from the fireplaceoverflow from the chimneyat night I hear their muffled rollinto the guttersapples dissolving in the grasscurtains relax back against the glassflowered with sunbruised with birds

Whispered song

Whispered song Place my ear to youand hear the fieldsthat hush withinall the silent sunlightsettling over your grassthe darkness of waterturning clearas it un-knots itselfthreads of birdsong gently bowing between the blades glinting like spider webslicked by the sun the cries of childrensnagged in the branchestorn plastic bagsI hear the crackle of firefrom within the... Continue Reading →

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