Waking Waking is the worstpart of every daythe moment you realisealong with everything elsesleep has abandoned youstare at the ripple-less desert of the perfect ceilingwishing for oblivionto turn backto take your hand againwarmth leaves your body sunlight absorbed by stoneevaporates at nightonly your night is the daythat's been waitingto carry on pushing its bladesthrough youyou... Continue Reading →

Playing invisible pianos in the dark

Playing invisible pianos in the dark Is that all we're doingplaying invisible pianos in the darklistening to the crumble of chordsleaves at the end of autumnsettling onto the desire pathssmoke tracing up through our fingerswhisper of sun and fieldsrising for breath into our palmshearing the starlings dreamfrom inside the pianos darkhearing the next chord in... Continue Reading →

The eternal darkness of a sun filled sky

The eternal darkness of a sun filled sky Scars in the icehealed with icemaking up constellationsas the cold flares through ussurfacing through our skinfire from dead starsfalls upon usthe ghost of featherseverything goneexcept the taste of snowsand in our bedsyour kiss still dissolvingon my tongue

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget Sometimes I forget about the last of the lighttouching the tips of the fieldsof how the sea breathes all nightof the soft soot of shadowsheld in the hedgerowsthe smallness of a Wrenthe greater smallness of its heartthen I imagine its beatinga buzz that blurs its edgessometimes I forgetdew dropsspider sockshung out in... Continue Reading →

Hopelessness begins with hope

Hopelessness begins with hopean ember glows inside rememberthe loveless are full of lovea psalm lives betweenthe closing of the palmslightning is a fracture in the lightthe sea is full of silencesilence is full of screamsthe dark of the darknessis a songthe song is brimming with singthe sun is choking on candlesthe choir a single throata... Continue Reading →


Fatherhood 1.Navigating the canalyou wanted to skim the edgesto run your fingers along the bladeyou didn't believe you could bleedyou scrape the length of your sidethe opposite of a ploughed fieldbrightness uncurled from beneathI pulled us backto where you didn't want to bethe safety of the centreI see your scars in the stillnessalready starting to... Continue Reading →

I’m not writing to you

I'm not writing to you I'm writing to the riverthat opened your haircarried you to the seaI'm writing to the seathat polishes your broken glassturning it to petalsI'm writing to the rainthat darkened your slatemade it slick and sharpI'm writing to the high grassthat traced your palmsthat cut you without drawing bloodI'm writing to the... Continue Reading →

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