Slate Time and pressureslow as griefcrushing absence into presencesinters shale into slateslivers of stonethat slice our handsas we add their scalesto our roof sheltering the fireignited from the flint of our skins


Limestone Undisturbed unobserved in the darkbecomes clouded with the stillnessof its swallowed stormsmetamorphose absence into memory the plume of a flamepreserved within a marbleMichelangelo sensed your firein the dowsing rod of his chisel

Things I wished I had touched

Things I wished I had touched Throat of a snakepaint from a cave paintingthe worn heels of your shoesthe water you left behindcoming out of the rainheart of a wrena snowmanpiston greasedark with dirtsilt from a river you swam inthe lining of your womboblivionall the leaves in a parkall at oncetongue of the windbrain of... Continue Reading →


Pigeons 1.Softened slateabsorbed the rainfrom a fireworkblush in a storm2.The bang ping pongeduntil exhaustedcomes to rest in the cornercooing a songinto the bowl of its hands3.The stained glass lightfrom the sun staring down through the rose windowof a rainbow umbrellastaining the seal skinof the pavement4.Coals cradle you to sleepfeathers fallingfrom the charred heavens5.Charcoal surprisesmagic in... Continue Reading →


Skylarks A chandeliershivers in the sewerin the belly of a whaleghosts of skylarkscrowd its stemstheir phantom songsdrip in the darktiny fields sprout from the splasheswhisperto the unseen abandoned sky

Crow, Swan, Magpie

Crow Born from snowheart riddled with smokehaunted by dreams of swans Swan Diamondcrushed from coalswancrushed from crows Magpie Swan stalledturning back to crowslag of silver brainstill coolingstill hauntedby the cupped palmsof the crucible

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