Smoke and snow

Smoke and snow Breathe in the lustrous charcoaland smoky pinkstrafficlights scribble and spray their neondown the slick-streets licked by nightthe memory of your touchsmeared across my faceyou are the effervescence that only burnswhen the light is simmeringsplaying the peacocksin the greyscale of my cellssmoke squeezeduntil space disappears between the duststirring of starsbeginnings of a blizzardyou... Continue Reading →

Dartmoor horses

Dartmoor horses The sulphur sun in the iron foundry skystrikes lightning from the ore of cloudsthe watched world burns inside their black eyesthe dark silently stares into the red flower of the firea diamond shivers in the fathoms of their brainsthey stamp upon the cinders of the earththe disturbed dust flares like rags of gold... Continue Reading →


Nocturne Worldslowed its spinheartbeatsstretched to strokessift of eveningcollasped to dustroots feel their wayin the dark ofquiet factoriescolours whisperedfrom loomsseams of seedsloosened like corsetssparrowsperch on the cracksin the skywhere the branchesuse to beand they singquieter than silencefallen leavesbegin to find their feetin the breeze

Evening preludes

Evening preludes 1.Pollen is the planktondrifting in the dimming airelderflowers begin to fizzin the smouldering shadowsblue smoke from expired bluebellswrithing in the soil2.To fall silentamongst the treesbeneath the drippingdarkness of leavesdoused in birdsongwaiting for nightto flick open its lighterthe flamethe bladeto cut me open3.Your smilesunk into mequiet as poemsprinted by rainonto puddles4.Singing on the seabedsun... Continue Reading →

Standing in front of the sun

Standing in front of the sun Starburst and splayedready to be skinnedlight a scalpel tickling at your wristswaiting to dip into the dunes of your armpits before zip wiring downto the knots of your anklesa candled eggheld up to the flamesI see the dark of old sunlightrivering through youthe shadow of your heartits folded wingsstill... Continue Reading →


HS2 Hate my helplessnesswhy are reasons not felt?science smotheredunder the snow of make-believe money?is change weaving its chysalissomewhere?reconfiguring railsinto spines of feathersis there a worldwhere the darklaced with mycorrhizalstill able to breed colourswhere the sky remainsthreaded with treesnot scarred with silencewhere the earth seen from abovenot stapled with stitchesthat wont dissolvewhere slowness and stillnessseen as... Continue Reading →


Spiders Inside the rusting skeletonof the unglazed greenhousea man sits cryinginto his fractured handsas spiders etch into airfrom the housewatching at a windowa candle whispersto its reflectiondistorted by the raindown by the riverthat is remembering itselfa fox is being tornback into fireflames snag on the grassas the wind drags themacross the fieldsthe parachutes of baby... Continue Reading →


Lastly 1.Candles buriedup to their thread-thin necksdid the room darkenaround your deep-set eyes?shadows turn to mothsto touch the flames?2.I expected to burnbut heard the seatouching the stormof your bruised finger3.The dark of my pocketbecame a tinder boxmy hand the tindermy fingersthe stubsof dirty candles4.I saw youtrailing sunlightlike scentin the half-lit airbetween doorsair turned to dustso... Continue Reading →


Isolation My thoughts given weightbumble-bees tappedhead-butted my windowcome to study my solitudeacross the roadpulled their curtainsagainst the sprung-spring-sunthe white smoke of their hairflares in the dampened daylightthey are not oldto each other

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