Hopelessness begins with hope

Hopelessness begins with hopean ember glows inside rememberthe loveless are full of lovea psalm lives betweenthe closing of the palmslightning is a fracture in the lightthe sea is full of silencesilence is full of screamsthe dark of the darknessis a songthe song is brimming with singthe sun is choking on candlesthe choir a single throata... Continue Reading →


Fatherhood 1.Navigating the canalyou wanted to skim the edgesto run your fingers along the bladeyou didn't believe you could bleedyou scrape the length of your sidethe opposite of a ploughed fieldbrightness uncurled from beneathI pulled us backto where you didn't want to bethe safety of the centreI see your scars in the stillnessalready starting to... Continue Reading →

Silence continued

Silence continued Calling from street to streeta songa prayerlearned by heartthe slow airsealing us infading us outthe winters we rememberas we sleepdark of the roadsrunning through the fieldsdoused in whitemouths openmouthing our namesthroatsfilling with snow


Silence pianos turn clearpages of books turn to glasswords like fingerprintsspiderwebs shatterpupils constrictuntil they disappearsilence peels back the roof to let the sun stare into sun

A shiver in the light

A shiver in the light A shiver in the light when something like silence comesthe thread-work through the vertebrae the grass lining the skull the sea sharpenedin the sway of glass bows into the blue of the flame into the shiver of light the thread-work of the seatouching the furled edge of the fieldswhen something... Continue Reading →

I hope you’re here

I hope you're here that you're the wind and sunlightin the same momentsettling slowon all the leaveson all the treesall at onceshuffling the seaas the dayloses its light

Fugitive Pieces

Fugitive Pieces The hoursthe other side of younext to a low and quiet seabeyond calling distancethe slow airthe thirstby nightfallthe rain in the treesall one breath

Silent Marriage

Silent marriage Behind the wallthe restless seawith it's desireto touch our touchingsunlight surfacing soft pins and needleseach others breath in our bloodthe wind raises the seabrief and bright above usthe ghosts of sailsthe static of rainpanes of darknesssmashed to fine dustsifting white over our quietour tiny stillnessa tethered flamebeneath the shifting slatesof the storm

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