Sometimes I want to dissolve in the showerbe a piano chordcrumbled in the windturn to dust touched by daylightbe consumed by my ownbackfired spellsometimesI want to be cables liftedleft to twirl to stillnessto separatenessfor all my knotsto be pulled so tightthey're absorbed into my bodyto be the string peeled back to threadssometimes I want a... Continue Reading →


Waking Waking is the worstpart of every daythe moment you realisealong with everything elsesleep has abandoned youstare at the ripple-less desert of the perfect ceilingwishing for oblivionto turn backto take your hand againwarmth leaves your body sunlight absorbed by stoneevaporates at nightonly your night is the daythat's been waitingto carry on pushing its bladesthrough youyou... Continue Reading →


Newborn Like a lighterhold you up to the darkhope you make more of itthan I ever didthat your flame strokes ithope it feeds youmakes you flarenot years ofstutter and spitbefore the pinchhope it sheltersyour single bright wingtill it splits in twohope it is a bowl of handsa place out of the wind hope you'll be... Continue Reading →

Things I wished I had touched

Things I wished I had touched Throat of a snakepaint from a cave paintingthe worn heels of your shoesthe water you left behindcoming out of the rainheart of a wrena snowmanpiston greasedark with dirtsilt from a river you swam inthe lining of your womboblivionall the leaves in a parkall at oncetongue of the windbrain of... Continue Reading →


Movements Your movementsgave our house a heartbeatyour dance stepssmeared across the flooryour absencecrackles like staticyour silenceblooms within the wallsthe breathing of moths

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget Sometimes I forget about the last of the lighttouching the tips of the fieldsof how the sea breathes all nightof the soft soot of shadowsheld in the hedgerowsthe smallness of a Wrenthe greater smallness of its heartthen I imagine its beatinga buzz that blurs its edgessometimes I forgetdew dropsspider sockshung out in... Continue Reading →


Fatherhood 1.Navigating the canalyou wanted to skim the edgesto run your fingers along the bladeyou didn't believe you could bleedyou scrape the length of your sidethe opposite of a ploughed fieldbrightness uncurled from beneathI pulled us backto where you didn't want to bethe safety of the centreI see your scars in the stillnessalready starting to... Continue Reading →

A shiver in the light

A shiver in the light A shiver in the light when something like silence comesthe thread-work through the vertebrae the grass lining the skull the sea sharpenedin the sway of glass bows into the blue of the flame into the shiver of light the thread-work of the seatouching the furled edge of the fieldswhen something... Continue Reading →

The paths are quiet again

The paths are quiet again The silence in me shuffles with the leaves feel you hand in mine again the tired touch of sunlight settling in the shallows of my palms the scent of smoke weaved into the breeze birdsong splitting the air expired Goldfinches flutter round my hands the ghost of fireworks I walk... Continue Reading →

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