Nocturne Worldslowed its spinheartbeatsstretched to strokessift of eveningcollasped to dustroots feel their wayin the dark ofquiet factoriescolours whisperedfrom loomsseams of seedsloosened like corsetssparrowsperch on the cracksin the skywhere the branchesuse to beand they singquieter than silencefallen leavesbegin to find their feetin the breeze

Evening preludes

Evening preludes 1.Pollen is the planktondrifting in the dimming airelderflowers begin to fizzin the smouldering shadowsblue smoke from expired bluebellswrithing in the soil2.To fall silentamongst the treesbeneath the drippingdarkness of leavesdoused in birdsongwaiting for nightto flick open its lighterthe flamethe bladeto cut me open3.Your smilesunk into mequiet as poemsprinted by rainonto puddles4.Singing on the seabedsun... Continue Reading →


Primroses 1.Splashes of paintspilled by the sunprising the lidsfrom the rust sealedpots of light2.Negatives of bruisestears from hedgerowsradioactivethey glow in the hushed dark

Winter sun

Winter sun Boiled sweetdissolving on the tongueof the rooftopsdripping black cherryinto the caverns of heartsas lion licks the skin from facesevaporating like secretswhispered into snowcold heldin your mouthblush as you burnsinking beyond the streetsdust dusting your stillness


Gifts These are the thingsI wanted to give you todaya shoe box brimful with blossoma matchbox lined with smokea thimble of dustpocketfuls of rusta breath of sunlight caught in the curtainsbrightness snapped from sheets drying in the windthe crumbled angel of a shattered bus shelterglass turned to petals by the seaa swirl of leaves from... Continue Reading →


Snowman I was conceived in flightmy first thought crystallized in skyI collected themtill I had a snowball for a brainmy body rolled into existencehead and torsocollided like cometsfinishedI’m all head and stomachno lungs or heart or genitaliayet they call me a manmore evolved insectraised up on my bloated abdomenI have no skeletonexcept for the thin... Continue Reading →


Robin Heart a grenadepin pulled at birthinside of your breastpeppered in shrapnelthe snowmans consciousall winter spent whisperingto his disappearing heart

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