September Sunlightsettling like warm snowleaves litfrom withindreams of fields smothered in ashthe long sighsummer spentsinged and scarredarmour cracking opensnake easing out ofits old scalesa plucked owlreveals its thin sinewsthe single sparkthat lit everythingcooling in the cruciblesilver darkening to pewterworld rememberingflaring before fadingember at the endof its namegently breathing

The salt path

The salt path Sun bruised skinsky driven into us our bodies a home for each otherlove black as blackberriesbreathed upon by the sea we'll find the horizon together

The paths are quiet again

The paths are quiet again The silence in me shuffles with the leaves feel you hand in mine again the tired touch of sunlight settling in the shallows of my palms the scent of smoke weaved into the breeze birdsong splitting the air expired Goldfinches flutter round my hands the ghost of fireworks I walk... Continue Reading →

Whispered song

Whispered song Place my ear to youand hear the fieldsthat hush withinall the silent sunlightsettling over your grassthe darkness of waterturning clearas it un-knots itselfthreads of birdsong gently bowing between the blades glinting like spider webslicked by the sun the cries of childrensnagged in the branchestorn plastic bagsI hear the crackle of firefrom within the... Continue Reading →


Firecrests They flit between the silver birchestheir grains of firetouches the tressuncurling scarsthe tail-end of a fireworkquietly setting the world alight

My dark (Spring)

My dark a place for your flameto stretch intoa tinderboxfor your soulall your broken glassturned to petals in my seayour barbed wirebuds in me

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