Swallows Their darkness branded with blueabsorbed the skyfever in the brainscribbling infinitiesabove the fields


Pianissimo The flames spill a psalm for you into the wavesthe taste of ashfading on your tongueold sunlightlays itself across the polished darka cat tip-toes across the keys

Silence continued

Silence continued Calling from street to streeta songa prayerlearned by heartthe slow airsealing us infading us outthe winters we rememberas we sleepdark of the roadsrunning through the fieldsdoused in whitemouths openmouthing our namesthroatsfilling with snow


Silence pianos turn clearpages of books turn to glasswords like fingerprintsspiderwebs shatterpupils constrictuntil they disappearsilence peels back the roof to let the sun stare into sun

I hope you’re here

I hope you're here that you're the wind and sunlightin the same momentsettling slowon all the leaveson all the treesall at onceshuffling the seaas the dayloses its light

Fugitive Pieces

Fugitive Pieces The hoursthe other side of younext to a low and quiet seabeyond calling distancethe slow airthe thirstby nightfallthe rain in the treesall one breath

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