Fatherhood 1.Navigating the canalyou wanted to skim the edgesto run your fingers along the bladeyou didn't believe you could bleedyou scrape the length of your sidethe opposite of a ploughed fieldbrightness uncurled from beneathI pulled us backto where you didn't want to bethe safety of the centreI see your scars in the stillnessalready starting to... Continue Reading →

Sacred hollows

Sacred hollows 1.There is a dark riverknotting itself at the heartof our heartsthat cannot be undoneonly loosened like a scarfallowing sunlightto sip the songs and shadowspooled in the thumbprintsat the base of our throatsletting the breezebreath upon our necksstroke the lobes of our earstake our pulse2.the hollows in faraway fieldswhere ghosts unraveltheir evaporationmistaken for smokea... Continue Reading →


Firecrests Small as sparksstirred from the ashborn with a blazein the rafters of their brainsthey flit between the silver birchestheir grains of firetouches the scarsof the trees uncurling skinthe tail-end of a fireworkquietly setting the world alight

I am

I am a shipwreck nowat the bottom of the sealistening to the stormripping up the floorboardsI wanted to bethe silver and golddusting the dance floorwe swayed on row boats in the harbourtapping each other

Blue door

Blue door Room-less ajar in a fieldonce bright as clear skyfaded to powder bluetorn and uncurledas a weathered billboardcracked and kicked by sunshinescars pale as the tall blonde grasshushing around itthe memory of flames on its unhinged hingesswings gentle as a whales tailthe crumbling framedarkens the winds furbrushing it backwardsas it silks through its openingsparking... Continue Reading →

Lead me

Lead me Lead me to the seato drown my handful of flameswatch the waves smash themsweep the dust back to the darkwhere you were crushed into light

Silver is what you try to hide

Silver is what you try to hide Your hair a muscle of waterblack from the burningpours around the fire of your face some day you'll have to letthe charcoal crumblebecome the silent silverat the heart of your sun torn from the earthI'll lay bluebellson the ash of your fire


Stubs 1.body cloudedwith all the light it holdsnever lit just heldin the dark of my pocket 2.a dark veinruns through uswaiting to be struck againstanother darkhoping to be touchedtill we catchthen liftedto make of itwhat we willbody runs cleardrippingdown the wristof thosewho raise uscooling as it curlssmoke solidifiedwrapped roundtheir armmilky as the ghostof a scar... Continue Reading →

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