Dartmoor horses

Dartmoor horses The sulphur sun in the iron foundry skystrikes lightning from the ore of cloudsthe watched world burns inside their black eyesthe dark silently stares into the red flower of the firea diamond shivers in the fathoms of their brainsthey stamp upon the cinders of the earththe disturbed dust flares like rags of gold... Continue Reading →

Evening preludes

Evening preludes 1.Pollen is the planktondrifting in the dimming airelderflowers begin to fizzin the smouldering shadowsblue smoke from expired bluebellswrithing in the soil2.To fall silentamongst the treesbeneath the drippingdarkness of leavesdoused in birdsongwaiting for nightto flick open its lighterthe flamethe bladeto cut me open3.Your smilesunk into mequiet as poemsprinted by rainonto puddles4.Singing on the seabedsun... Continue Reading →

Standing in front of the sun

Standing in front of the sun Starburst and splayedready to be skinnedlight a scalpel tickling at your wristswaiting to dip into the dunes of your armpits before zip wiring downto the knots of your anklesa candled eggheld up to the flamesI see the dark of old sunlightrivering through youthe shadow of your heartits folded wingsstill... Continue Reading →


Piano Coffin for a harpholding its skeletonof stringsfingerprintsfrost its skinshivers at nightdusted in starsbarely breathsabsorbing the darkdawn and dusklean over itsunlightwhispers its woodghost of a catbrushes againstits anklesplaces songbirdsat its feet

Winter sun

Winter sun Boiled sweetdissolving on the tongueof the rooftopsdripping black cherryinto the caverns of heartsas lion licks the skin from facesevaporating like secretswhispered into snowcold heldin your mouthblush as you burnsinking beyond the streetsdust dusting your stillness


no.11 Final poem of the planet sequence Sun Why not daughter?you welderchose fusing over smashingeither waysomething is always lostor becomes something elsethe light you makehundreds of thousands of yearsbefore it stumbles drunk out of your heartthen roughly another eight and a half minutesbefore you sing it down streetssmash glass in the gutterstain rooftops with laughterfrom... Continue Reading →


no. 8 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Neptune Your stillnessfull of stormsa faceless seabright blue skybut if you look close enoughyou can see the scarsof your cloudsthin as threadsself harmingcutting yourselfbeneath the surfaceon the insideof your skin


no. 4 - a poem for each planet in our solar system Mars Soil soaked in the bloodthat could have beenthe memory of riversscars your skinfire rusts in your hands

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