Pigeons 1.Softened slateabsorbed the rainfrom a fireworkblush in a storm2.The bang ping pongeduntil exhaustedcomes to rest in the cornercooing a songinto the bowl of its hands3.The stained glass lightfrom the sun staring down through the rose windowof a rainbow umbrellastaining the seal skinof the pavement4.Coals cradle you to sleepfeathers fallingfrom the charred heavens5.Charcoal surprisesmagic in... Continue Reading →


Swift Born like a switchbladeflicked openlocked openspend your lifeskimming and splicingcurrents of airwill your wings and tailsnap off when you die?the stone of your bodywill it fall to touch the earthfor the first time?will sky take root?as it cracks from your brainamidst the long grass whispering above youglinting in the old light like soft knives

Return of sound

Return of sound threadbare light of a prayer bright as newborn fingers slow sun a buried balloon rising from the earth quiet empty rooms crack like emberssheet of a song slid under the doorthe dream of a storm quietly unlaces the skybird shadows breathe across the grain of the wood sea purrs sucking darkness backcurtains... Continue Reading →

The eternal darkness of a sun filled sky

The eternal darkness of a sun filled sky Scars in the icehealed with icemaking up constellationsas the cold flares through ussurfacing through our skinfire from dead starsfalls upon usthe ghost of featherseverything goneexcept the taste of snowsand in our bedsyour kiss still dissolvingon my tongue


Swallows Their darkness branded with blueabsorbed the skyfever in the brainscribbling infinitiesabove the fields

House Martins

House Martins tremblingcrushed togetherbegin in the darkthe whisper of blueice skating in the windin the same momentcutting and closingthe woundtheir jet trailswhite cotton threadsdissolvable stitchesfading back into skytheir graceful surgeryleaves no tracescars like smokememory of hometugged into air

Blue door

Blue door Room-less ajar in a fieldonce bright as clear skyfaded to powder bluetorn and uncurledas a weathered billboardcracked and kicked by sunshinescars pale as the tall blonde grasshushing around itthe memory of flames on its unhinged hingesswings gentle as a whales tailthe crumbling framedarkens the winds furbrushing it backwardsas it silks through its openingsparking... Continue Reading →


Someone who had briefly entered my life recently spoke of how visualising walking out into a meadow was a way they used to imagine healing. It has led me to think a lot about fields and how they have been a reoccurring presence in my poems and how writing has been a form of healing... Continue Reading →

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