Blue door

Blue door Room-less ajar in a fieldonce bright as clear skyfaded to powder bluetorn and uncurledas a weathered billboardcracked and kicked by sunshinescars pale as the tall blonde grasshushing around itthe memory of flames on its unhinged hingesswings gentle as a whales tailthe crumbling framedarkens the winds furbrushing it backwardsas it silks through its openingsparking... Continue Reading →


Someone who had briefly entered my life recently spoke of how visualising walking out into a meadow was a way they used to imagine healing. It has led me to think a lot about fields and how they have been a reoccurring presence in my poems and how writing has been a form of healing... Continue Reading →

First Post, First Poems

So for my first post I will start from the beginning. Shoals of Starlings is the title from one of my very first poems, which I wrote probably around 15 years ago? So it seems an appropriate place to start. After a hiatus of 5 years it has now been a year of tentatively returning... Continue Reading →

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