Slate Time and pressureslow as griefcrushing absence into presencesinters shale into slateslivers of stonethat slice our handsas we add their scalesto our roof sheltering the fireignited from the flint of our skins

Stalagmite and stalactite

Stalagmite and stalactite For hundreds of thousands of yearsI've been rising towards youmy body made from your slow rainone day we'll sparkin the shared darkas the tips of our tongues touchat the centre of the cavelike Michelangelos famous fingerssuspended in the skyof the Sistine chapel


Limestone Undisturbed unobserved in the darkbecomes clouded with the stillnessof its swallowed stormsmetamorphose absence into memory the plume of a flamepreserved within a marbleMichelangelo sensed your firein the dowsing rod of his chisel


Swift Born like a switchbladeflicked openlocked openspend your lifeskimming and splicingcurrents of airwill your wings and tailsnap off when you die?the stone of your bodywill it fall to touch the earthfor the first time?will sky take root?as it cracks from your brainamidst the long grass whispering above youglinting in the old light like soft knives

Return of sound

Return of sound threadbare light of a prayer bright as newborn fingers slow sun a buried balloon rising from the earth quiet empty rooms crack like emberssheet of a song slid under the doorthe dream of a storm quietly unlaces the skybird shadows breathe across the grain of the wood sea purrs sucking darkness backcurtains... Continue Reading →

Blue door

Blue door Room-less ajar in a fieldonce bright as clear skyfaded to powder bluetorn and uncurledas a weathered billboardcracked and kicked by sunshinescars pale as the tall blonde grasshushing around itthe memory of flames on its unhinged hingesswings gentle as a whales tailthe crumbling framedarkens the winds furbrushing it backwardsas it silks through its openingsparking... Continue Reading →

Lead me

Lead me Lead me to the seato drown my handful of flameswatch the waves smash themsweep the dust back to the darkwhere you were crushed into light

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