Slate Time and pressureslow as griefcrushing absence into presencesinters shale into slateslivers of stonethat slice our handsas we add their scalesto our roof sheltering the fireignited from the flint of our skins

Return of sound

Return of sound threadbare light of a prayer bright as newborn fingers slow sun a buried balloon rising from the earth quiet empty rooms crack like emberssheet of a song slid under the doorthe dream of a storm quietly unlaces the skybird shadows breathe across the grain of the wood sea purrs sucking darkness backcurtains... Continue Reading →

Beside the sea

Beside the sea I make a firebeside the seathe flames and waveswhisper stories to each otherone of meone of youone of usof how we spread lantern lightover the seabed


Firecrests They flit between the silver birchestheir grains of firetouches the tressuncurling scarsthe tail-end of a fireworkquietly setting the world alight

Lead me

Lead me Lead me to the seato drown my handful of flameswatch the waves smash themsweep the dust back to the darkwhere you were crushed into light

Silver is what you try to hide

Silver is what you try to hide Your hair a muscle of waterblack from the burningpours around the fire of your face some day you'll have to letthe charcoal crumblebecome the silent silverat the heart of your sun torn from the earthI'll lay bluebellson the ash of your fire

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