moonlight at nighta breezepeels awayfrom the sealifted from the shadowsbetween the waves sifts the cityribbonsthrough streetsto find youto touch youwith moonlightin the burningof the day cools youto stillnessdarkens youto pewterbeforeblessing youin blue

The light trap

The light trap the dazzlement of duskit's chalk sparkingshadows tearinginto more shadowsdark arrivingthe sides of the deep lanesspitting like brimstonebrushed by our wakeechoes flare across the windscreenflakes dancing in my handswrists powdered in graphitefaces like songs smudged with silverturning away from homeall our memoriescaught in light's quiet snaresa line of ice skatersout on the midnight …

Twin flames

Twin flames 1.torn from the same clothfeathers from the same fireunfurled our sails togetherstorm took us to different shoressomeday we’ll ignite the seasthat separate us2.we walk as slowas the sunsetinto the sunsettwo candlescollapsing their sailsour woodworm heartsriddledwith each other’s smoke