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Gifts A shoe boxbrimful with blossommatchboxfull of smokethimbleful of dust pocketfuls of rustsuitcase full of threadbare leaves breath of sunlightcaught in the curtainscarrier bag of broken glassthe crumbled angel of a bus shelterswirl of leavesscratching the streetshadows from my fractured palmshandfuls of sparrows spill of chordsunder your bedall the starsfrom a starlingraininside a piano


Swift Born like a switchbladeflicked openlocked openspend your lifeskimming and splicingcurrents of airwill your wings and tailsnap off when you die?the stone of your bodywill it fall to touch the earthfor the first time?will sky take root?as it cracks from your brainamidst the long grass whispering above youglinting in the old light like soft knives


September Sunlightsettling like warm snowleaves litfrom withindreams of fields smothered in ashthe long sighsummer spentsinged and scarredarmour cracking opensnake easing out ofits old scalesa plucked owlreveals its thin sinewsthe single sparkthat lit everythingcooling in the cruciblesilver darkening to pewterworld rememberingflaring before fadingember at the endof its namegently breathing

When we love

When we love we spit light like paintover our splayed handsplaced on the cave wallsinside another's heartbrand them with the darkof our touch


Peregrine Desire to divewoven into its wingsspearheadssequin its chestconstriction of pupilschanneling its sightbefore channeling the airaround its collapsed sailsblade of slateplunged into snow a dark roseblooms across the breastheart implodesalmost disappearsa second beforeit explodes


Sundown Curtains lifted by sunlightthe ghost of goldfeeling the dark of the roomsearching for your facefalls back against the cold of the glassfaraway a stormswallows its lightning


Shadows 1.When I think of youthe sea touches my shadowsinters sand to glass within its dark2.at the heart of my heartin the dark of my darkthe long late sunlightmaking our shadows touchcovering us in its cloth


Kingfisher Shock of bluefragment of dragonbreast scaledin beaten firewater cannot coolfull of bad wiringheart always shortingdives to slowthe neon lightningthat ribbons from him

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