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Gulls Instantly palessnapped from the seahunger aches in their stomachscry for the darknesslost at birthcries like long sliversof broken glasspulled from the skinthroat in tattersthe drunk sword swallowerlaughing as he extracts the bladethe snot of a clotscreams across the reflected sky

Tawny owl

Tawny owl Old nebulabrain bloomingwith clouds of rustcall to your clonetogetherfrom the smelted blacksof your eyeswith silent hammersbeat outanother autumn sun


Gifts These are the thingsI wanted to give you todaya shoe box brimful with blossoma matchbox lined with smokea thimble of dustpocketfuls of rusta breath of sunlight caught in the curtainsbrightness snapped from sheets drying in the windthe crumbled angel of a shattered bus shelterglass turned to petals by the seaa swirl of leaves from... Continue Reading →


Snowman I was conceived in flightmy first thought crystallized in skyI collected themtill I had a snowball for a brainmy body rolled into existencehead and torsocollided like cometsfinishedI’m all head and stomachno lungs or heart or genitaliayet they call me a manmore evolved insectraised up on my bloated abdomenI have no skeletonexcept for the thin... Continue Reading →


Blackcap Compelled to consumethe white drops of mistletoemakes you dream of the firethat ravaged your braincharred your mindsongs bursts from youa peal of bellsfrom a bombed out churchfinished you instantly forgetthat you have sung

The road

The road Wrapped in fireash cradles downshudders of lightembers quiveringsparks dim as they rise flames burrows into the earthskin becomes smokethreads up through the whisper of snowtrees stitch the skyinto the dark of the groundshadows shudderwind gives birth by tearing itselffeeling the fire we carry unfolding beneath the roadbeneath the snow and ashbeneath the breathless... Continue Reading →

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